I just spend about two hours fiddling with my blog. That’s stupid…but as with most things on the internet, if you really get into it, the time just flies. The problem is there are so many options and so many possibilities for customisation. A big part of me likes that, but then I look up at the clock and realise half of my day has just disappeared.

And there’s the rub: it can be so easy to get lost in cyberspace. While parts of it are highly useful for both personal and business reasons (such as email, messaging and voip), others are great for those of us trying to learn (believe it or not, Wikipedia can sometimes be a great starting point for research for a university paper).

Some parts of it, though, are just time-wasters, and unlikely to improve your life in any tangible way or advance your career in any way at all. Here I’m referring to almost any social networking site, including Facebook, MySpace, del.icio.us, Technorati, etc.

I know many would disagree with that assessment, but unless you are a business person, it is, in fact, quite unlikely that your use of these things is geared towards business, advancement or something else “worthwhile”. There are already so many people who label themselves “addicts” of one or more of these kinds of sites…can this really be a good sign?

Nevertheless, I keep trying to update my blog with half-intelligent thoughts and am trying to make it better (more on that later). Does that make me an addict too? Why are people so driven to put their inner-most thoughts out there for anyone to see and dissect? And why won’t people do that with someone F2F (face to face)?