I could claim that I haven’t posted anything in a coon’s age because I’ve been depressed, but that would be a lie. Don’t misunderstand, I was really disappointed by what happened in the Alberta elections almost three weeks ago, but I haven’t really been posting because I’ve been so bloody busy. Bills have to get paid, preferably on time, you know, so I work. Too much. And assignments generally have to get handed in to get marked, imagine that!

With only about 41 per cent voter turnout, the election was something of a travesty. As far as I know, that’s the lowest voter turnout ever in this province. To make matters worse, with only about 53 per cent of the popular vote (so, about 21 per cent of eligible voters actually voted for them), the “Progressive” Conservatives got a whopping 72 of 83 seats in the Legislative Assembly. That’s about 87 per cent of total seats. In other words, a quarter of the province managed to hand the oligarchy of this province the governmental reigns and smash any opposition.

That’s really sad. What’s even sadder about it is that people call us Albertastan now, and we can’t even argue. There was, however, one bright spot: someone I know who is quite active in student politics at the University of Lethbridge and a staunch conservative shares my horror at the situation. I never would have thought it of him (though I should have, given what I know of him), but Kelly Kennedy, President of the U of L Students’ Union, mourns the decimation of the provincial Opposition.

I can’t decide if that’s because he likes to watch lively debates from the Legislature on tv, or if it’s because he realises nothing really gets done for the people without someone prodding the government to get a move-on. Politics at its finest, I suppose.

Okay, now I’m all depressed again. Lovely. The perfect mood to go back to my book on U.S. primacy. Stephen Walt is off his rocker, but then, so are a lot of the people who disagree with him (see here for an idea of what I mean). When I’ve finished it, and the book review that needs to be written for my class, I shall be commenting quite forcefully on some of what Mr. Marc Schulman had to say. So there.

I’m going, I’m going…*forcibly drags herself away from distractions*