So last night was Super Bowl number 41, which I don’t actually care about except for the fact that it was another first. America seems to be having a lot of those this year…I hope these good firsts continue. Anyway, as I’m sure you know (it was near impossible to miss, they beat on it like it was a dead horse), for the first time one of the teams in the big game had a black head coach, in fact they both had a black head coach. I don’t care that they were black, insofar as if you can do the job, I couldn’t care less what color your skin is, but I totally care that they were black because they were the first ones.

Despite what some people might want to believe, and what the powers that be tend to tell us, race is still a major issue in the Western world. Not just the US, but the whole Western world. And I’m sure if I knew enough about the rest of the world, I would know that race is an issue in that part of the world as well. In fact, I already know that. I fail to see who any logical person could view a world that has been colonised left, right and center by stupid, yet arrogant, educated yet ignorant white Europeans and have any hope of believing that race (which, by the way, biologists, sociologists and all other ists with any intelligence agree is merely an abstract social construct and *not* a biological fact) is not something which is twisted and used against one group of people by another.

Okay. So, just to be clear. It’s about frakkin’ time that the NFL have black head coaches.

Next thing. Prince did the half-time show, and I must confess, even though I’m not a fan I was impressed. He done good, and hearing “Purple Rain” sung in the pouring rain had a certain greatness about it 🙂 And he didn’t go over the top with it either, like some previous acts. He was classy about it, covering everything from Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan to Foo Fighters, and I thought it was cool that he had marching bands playing with him (I’m pretty sure they were from local colleges). That’s what I think about that.

And now, for the pièce de résistance: I went to see my dentist today (Dr. Pitstra at the Coaldale Dental Center, nicest dentist around and it NEVER hurts!), and guess what…NO cavities! Yay! Yeah, because you desperately needed to know that. But I was cavity-free until I was 17 and then my record was crushed by my first, so anytime she tells me that, I’m extremely pleased. So there.

And wow, did you see “Little Mosque on the Prairie” last week? All about an open house at the local mosque. It was quite amusing as usual, and I’m really looking forward to the next episode, about co-ed swimming…tehe. I’m impressed by this show. Of course, I’m impressed with Canadian programming surprisingly often, now that I actually pay attention to it (read: now that I don’t have cable to watch). 😉

And I’m sure “The Hour” will be great tonight, but damn it, I entered the contest to go to the BRIT Awards and didn’t win. That sucks, I’m sure the contest was fixed. Frak.

Of course, if I had won, I would have had to fly to London Heathrow Airport again, and as I’ve mentioned before, that place is one of the great evils of the world. Just to give you a little update, I got a call on Saturday afternoon from Air Canada Jazz at the Lethbridge County Airpor: “We have your bag. You need to come pick it up.” Okay, first of all, after the saga I went through with my suitcase (it was sent by FedEx, bonded, so I had to fax all sorts of info to Calgary for them to clear it through Customs), why did this one get sent like normal? And given that, in what world is it my job to get it? When you lose your luggage, it’s the airline’s job to get it to you, wherever you are, as in door to door service.

First, let me say that I was absolutely thrilled to hear that I would be getting my shoes, scarves, clothes, gifts, toiletries, and other stuff back. But be that as it may, after almost two months without my luggage (over 7 weeks for frak’s sake!), I deserve that door-to-door service I mentioned. So I call British Airways, because the woman on the phone from Air Canada told me she couldn’t have it delivered without an okay from the airline (BA), since the luggage just says to call the passenger (c’est moi) and she’ll pick it up.

Anyway, so I call British Airways after 4:30 pm, because the luggage people don’t open before then (don’t ask) and they tell that they have to send a message through the system to the airport, advising them that they need to deliver it to me. I should hear something from the locals by today. Ha! I call back for an update, and am told that they had to tell London to do this, and they haven’t updated the file yet, and that London has to take care of this. The woman I’m speaking to is in a call center in Jacksonvill, Florida, and can’t explain in any way that makes sense to me how people in London, England from a different, non-partner airline, can tell the good folks at Air Canada in Lethbridge to deliver this backpack to me. What a frakking mess. And bloody ridiculous. Bollocks to them.

Why don’t I go get it myself, you ask? Well, I don’t have a car, nor do I drive (I don’t even have my license), and there’s no way I’m going to pay a cab to take out there and home. And while there are people who could take me out there and help as a favour, it’s the bloody principle of the thing. You frakked this whole thing up (okay, it was actually the British Airprot Authority’s crappy computer system going down that did it, but the airline is who the passenger has to deal with, you can’t go direct in these cases), now you can bloody well fix at no cost to me, whether that cost be money, time or inconvenience.

Bloody Brits can’t do anything right, except award shows. And even those aren’t organised properly. The Brits are already bringing in foreign companies to get the 2012 London Olympics Building projects back on track so they can be finished in time for the athletes to actually use them. Unbelievable. I’m telling you, BAA and Heathrow are of the world’s great evils.

And last, but not least…Microsoft has released their “new” “operating system”. Windows Vista heralds the next wave of world computer system extortion, and I can’t wait to see when the first vulnerability will be found (just you wait and see, it’s coming quick). For more news on that, tune in to the CyTRAP Labs zero-day vulnerability list. CyTRAP Labs puts out a weekly newsletter and podcasts on everything you as a user need to know about computer and IT security to cover your butt, and they have a whole alert thing going on for important heads up issues too. Best part about it is, it’s free to sign up and unbiased (read: free of crap advertising), and has no (corporate) links to any anti-virus vendors or anyone else who deals in the computer marketplace.

And speaking of how computers often screw us over, watch this clip about spam…but be warned, it’s kinda depressing about the chances we have of ridding the world of the awful stuff. The best part about it is the evidence that Bill Gates was WRONG about something…..AGAIN. 😛

My friends, in the words of the great George Stroumboulopoulos, that’s time.